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Tile Restoration Projects

Early 17th Century Dutch tile restoration project 17th Century English Biblical Tile Restoration Panel made for integration with 17th Century Tiles Edwin Lutyens Grade 1 listed house,

Early 17th Century Dutch
Tile Restoration Project

17th Century English Biblical
Tile Restoration Project

Panel made for integration with
17th Century Tiles

Edwin Lutyens Grade 1 listed house,
kitchen installation


Hand-painted panel based ‘Antiqued’ delft tiles Restoration of 17th century tiled fireplace Victorian tile restoration

Hand-painted panel based
on a 17th century engraving

'Antiqued' delft tiles

Restoration of 17th century tiled fireplace

Victorian tile restoration


Tile Restoration Projects

Every restoration project has different requirements and each one needs careful thought as to how best to proceed.

We have worked alongside many architects and interior designers and our projects have covered replacements for French 1940's tiles, English 1930's tiles, Victorian tiles, English and Dutch delft tiles and tile panels.

Where a close match is preferred, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver a solution that, in many cases, is indistinguishable from the original.

We have worked on projects where some of the original tiles were left in place and we have produced tiles to match which blend perfectly.

In some projects, we have made whole tiling installations based on information sourced from very few remaining originals, so it isn't necessary to have the complete damaged original in order for us to be able to replace it. We will work with you to research the most suitable solution and will offer drawings and photo impressions of what might be a suitable restoration.

If you should require different size tiles to our standard 5" (13 cm.) tiles, or you need
rectangular or shaped tiles for a specific purpose, we are also able to accommodate.

For further information on how we can help, see the Architect and Interior Design Service page.


Tile Restoration

Tile Profiles

Here we show, left, a handmade tile made in our studio and right, a Dutch hand rolled tile which we use for some projects. It is possible for us to make tiles of sizes and thickness exactly to your requirements.

Painting Pigments, Glazes

Our studio carries a large range of glaze colour possibilities and where a particular colour match is required, we have the skills to create glazes and painting pigments to fit.

Delft tile panel created to match original tiling

Delft tile panel created to match original tiling

This panel of a primitive image of a whale was commissioned as the centrepiece in an installation using reclaimed 17th century delft tiles.

The client required it to blend with the original tiles in order for it not to look like a modern copy. Mike Francis has carefully 'aged' the tiles to merge with the older ones.

This is painted on our Antique Crackle glaze.


Early Delft Flowers created to replace damaged 17th century tiles

Flower tiles are always popular and this project produced a new range of tiles
for us, Early Delft flowers.

The fireplace that required restoration is situated in a conference centre and
the building is subject to Grade II protection.

These original 16th century tiles were too damaged to leave on view but had to
remain in situ. The owner asked us to recreate them and protected the originals
behind board, installing the new tiles in front. In this case, a 'clean look' was
preferred but it is also possible to 'age' the tiles to allow them to blend in with
originals if required.

Left: 17th century Dutch delft tiles,
Right: The Early Delft Flowers range created for the client to replace the damaged tiles. See the full range of Early Delft Flowers in the Delft collection.



Victorian tile restoration

Victorian tile restoration

Victorian tiles and restoration

These six inch tiles were painted for a client in cobalt blue to replace originals that were too damaged to leave in place. They were installed in a mantelpiece and the client wanted a change of colour for the replacements.

Decoration on the original Victorian tiles was transfer printed and the new tiles were hand-painted in cobalt oxide on tin glaze.

Left: Original Victorian 6" tile
Right: Hand-painted reproduction of the original tiles



17th century Dutch tiles

This type of tile design, usually featuring animals and birds in landscape, was produced in large numbers for wall decoration in Holland in the early 17th century.

Put together, these tiles made attractive alternating diamond shapes of blue and white patterning and small animal images.

For a restoration project in an old house, Mike Francis has produced similar tiles to replace some that were too badly damaged to remain in place.

Left: Original 17th century Dutch tile
Right: Hand-painted reproduction of the original tile.


Biblical Tiles

Biblical and religious tiles were produced throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in England and Holland and are considered to be the pinnacle in the art of delft tile painting.

It required a high level of artistic skill coupled with the ability to tell a story within a picture to paint these tiles, which today, are highly collectible.

The tiles were often painted in manganese magenta, as shown here, and would sometimes have the particular bible reference for the scene depicted.

Left: Original 17th century English Biblical tile
Right: Hand-painted reproduction of the original tile


Hand-painted tile panel

Taken from an old engraving, this panel was created for a client, the owner of an 18th century house, for a

Engravings were a passion for the client and we were
happy to interpret this one in a similar style of drawing.

Left: Original engraving
Right: Hand-painted panel


Left: Guest bedroom fireplace with a Lutyens
map of the property illustrated on the tiles.

Right: The family kitchen with hand-painted
delft tiles covering the chimney breast.

Edwin Lutyens Grade 1 listed house

The renovation of this Edwin Lutyens house, built in 1906—1912, was extensive and called for tiles to be created for various areas of the house.

The current owner wanted to feature delft tiles, with stylised scenes depicting views of the house and grounds. We made thick tiles from a course clay that
provided a very authentic look and feel.

The designs were carefully researched and the style of hand-painting reflected the lightness and spontaneity of touch of seventeenth century delft tile painters.


Our Range of Antique Style 17th Century English and Dutch Delft Tiles

These are some of the designs available in our collection of hand-painted 17th century delft studio made tiles.

To enhance the 'antique' look, whether to blend with existing tiles or for a less 'new' look, we have deliberately added faults such as crazing, scuffed edges and cracks to some of these tiles in order to show what is possible.

These faults can be stressed or played down according to requirement.

Another way to encourage the feeling of age is to vary the colour of blue oxide used when painting the design, which gives an individual feel to each tile.

We have several glazes on which we paint, a crackle glaze and various whites and creams, so creating a batch of varying tiles which might appear to have been individually sourced is well within our scope.

We welcome ideas for new designs if you do not see anything suitable here, or if you would like to add extras to old tiles already held; just give us a call or email and we will get back to you promptly.



Basket of Fruit

Sailing Ship

Cherub with a kite

Pecking Peacock


Angel with a crook

Owl in an oval cartouche


Building with a distant church

Leaping Dog

Big Fish

Saint pointing to a tree

Leaping Lion

Spouting Whale

Flower in a diamond cartouche




The price of tiles for restoration purposes is based on the type of tile required and the amount of painting involved. We are happy to discuss your requirements and will be pleased to offer quotations.

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